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Minaxi Patel


What will happen if i mix up my contact lenses?

I just mix up my contact lenses. I don't know, how to identify which one is for left eyes and which one is for right eyes. I know each one is prescribed for each eye but does anything happen to my eyesight or anything?
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  • Thomas oliver


    Be careful not to alternate the contact lenses for left eye and right eye in that the prescriptions of two eyes are usually not the same for most people. If you wear contact lenses with inappropriate prescription, you can't watch things clearly just like a camera with improper focal distance. What's more, wrong prescription may make your eyes tired and lead to a heavier prescription. If you can't identify your contact lenses by yourself, you can go to the optical shop which you bought your contact lenses for help. Professional equipment there will come into play.
  • crystalwhip


    If your two eyes have two different prescriptions, you should not mix the contact lenses. Or else, you will feel dizzy because of the unsuitable vision correction. Especially the one eye with the higher prescription contact lense will feel dizzy. If you mixed them, you try to wear each of them and feel the right prescription. If you still can't distinguish them, you'd better go for help from the optician in the eyeglasses store.
  • Ali


    It depends on what kind of contact lenses you are wearing. If they are non-corrective ones and you have no any eye problem in both eyes, I do not think you will get any damage to your eyes. On the other side, if they are corrective ones, you would feel uncomfortable when you wear the wrong one on each eye. For example, if you have myopia, there is a big difference between them, like 0.8, you may feel blurry or headache. Or you have eye infection in one eye, when you wear the wrong one, the healthy eye would be easy irritated.
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