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leigh sehr

What are dangers of wearing someone else's contact lenses?

My contact lenses are gone and i can't find them. Is it ok to wear my sister's contacts.
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  • Jonathan

    It is needless to say, contact lenses are used by more and more people, and not only bring us benefits at the same time, but also make us into trouble occasionally. Contact lenses mostly call for the attention to the health, sanitation and so on, therefore it is not allowed to wear contact lenses of others. If you are really into this kind of trouble, I suggest you had better wear frame glasses, because we know that the eyes are very important, if you are not taken seriously, you will be in much trouble.
  • Gillian

    As we know, the contact lenses are worn directly with very near distance to the eyeballs. If you wear other person's contact lenses, you should care about the hygiene which may cause the keratitis. What's worse, the eyes may get infection. You'd better not do this. It is so dangerous.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace

    No. wearing others' eye contact is not safe. Since eye contact closely stick to the eyeballs, you must make sure it is very clean. And eyes are very fragile to infections. If your sister gets any eye diseases which she is not aware of, like keratitis, trachoma, or other infectious eye diseases, you may easily get infected. Even though you wash it in the lotion, it is still not safe. In addition, you may have different vision problems or eye powers. It is not comfortable and appropriate to wear eye contacts that don't suit your vision.

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