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Where are michael kors sunglasses made? in china?

Do you know michael kors sunglasses. Is there anyone who know in what country these sunglasses are made?

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  • Jack taylor

    My michael kors which I purchased about 2-3 years ago was made in the USA. I'm told by the boutique there that his collection line are made in the USA. The quality of michael kors sunglasses is so excellent which I still use now. It is worthy to own one.
  • Arianna walker

    Well, they are made in USA. And also, you should know that Michael Kors sunglasses are made with high-quality materials, so that they have ensured the superior comfort for consumers. This is also why they are so famous and popular with the people from the whole world. Their designer fit any looks with the unique designs and silhouettes of Michael Kors sunglasses. So you can just choose one pair of them from stores, especially from online stores. They are cheaper than those in the real store. Maybe you can have a try.

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