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Jonathan griffin


Can you get a black eye from a sinus infection?

I woke with a black eye and i have sinus infection these days. Can a sinus infection cause a black eye?
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  • walker626


    Yeah, it can. Sinus infection has great relationship with the eyes because sinus is adjacent to the eyes. Sinus and eye department is located in the 1/3 face. The orbital in the next three aspects are ar surrounded by sinus bag. Thus especially in acute phase of sinus infection, the infection can spread in the eye socket easily. Once the eye circulation is blocked. The black eyes will show out. At this time,you need to keep on using the medicine to treat the sinus infection. While using the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom.
  • Carlos quick


    It is hard to say. Sinus infection is just an infection of the eye socket. Technically, it won't cause black eyes. But if this infection are serious and cause eye itches, sore and irritated and appear red. Besides, if you rub your eyes in this condition, it may make your eyes look like black eyes. Anyway, you'd better visit an doctor ASAP if you have this condition.


    Of course, it will not cause black eyes. In my opinion, there is nothing to do with your sinus infection. So you should find out the real reason to heal the black eyes. also, you should know that there are many other reasons which can cause black eyes too, such as alcohol, stress and so on. so you should pay more attention to them. As all of us are not professional, going to see an eye doctor and having an eye test maybe a good choice.
  • David Safir


    Most people have black eye because they lack of sleep.Lack of sleep result in blood circulation and blood circulation lead to venous blood flow stasis.Can a sinus infection cause a black eye?The answer is YES.Why?Sinus infection make lower eyelids be hyperemia, thus could result in black eye.How to avoid it? Take exercise, Fatigue and Rest, dress appropriately, breath fresh air and avoid dry nose, do not always use nasal drip medicine.If there is something wrong with you,go to hospital.