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Is butternut squash good for your eyes?

I am looking for food that is beneficial to our eyes. I want to know if butternut squash is good for eye health?
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  • Noah rupert

    Yes. butternut squash is good food for eyes. Butternut squash are rich source of some essential vitamins and nutrients that can contribute our health. Besides, the rich vitamin A in butternut squash is a nutritional element that helps with eye function. Besides, the butternut squash also contains vitamin C which is also very important for eyes. So, It is OK if you take more butternut squash.
  • Kaylee tuener

    Yes, it is good for eye health. Maybe you should know what it contains. Generally speaking, it is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and classic autumn flavor. Because of these elements, they can improve your eyes and also do a good job to your eyes. On the other hand, there are also many other foods which can also be good for eye health. For example, you can eat more turmeric powder or something has lutein. By the way, just do some eye exercises will be effective too.
  • Cameron giles

    The main advantages of butternut squash are diuretic, benefiting liver, spleen, stomach and curbing cancer. I have not heard the idea that butternut squash is good for eye health. However, there are many other foods which contain much beta-carotene and vitamin A are beneficial to eyes such as carrots, oranges, pork liver and black beans. Healthy habits with the eyes also play an important role in protecting your eyes
  • Beth

    Yeah, the butternut squash is good for the health for the eyes which has great nutrients. However, there are other foods that can be beneficial for our eyes. The food with calcium is good for the vision of eyes, such as the small shrimp, milk, fish and so on. You should keep notice of the diet which is also good for the eyes.

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