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How much are gas permeable contact lenses?

I want to switch my glasses to contacts. And my friend suggest me to buy gas permeable contact lenses? Are they good? How much should i prepare for it?

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    Gas permeable contact lenses are type of rigid lenses but made of durable plastic. The lenses can transmit oxygen. The lenses also called GP lenses. They are more durable than regular contact lenses. And of course, they are more expensive than regular contact lenses. Usually, the costs of gas permeable lenses ranges from $50.00 to 150 per lens.
  • Anome

    Gas permeable contact lenses, also called RGP or GP contact lenses, are favored by many contacts wearers. And there are so many stores that sell gp contacts. The price of it will vary according to different brand, stores, etc. Since there are many rgp contacts available on the market, you can find it in local stores or online stores. Speaking of which, i suggest you buy contacts at online stores because the price is much cheaper. If you decide to buy online, you should find good and reliable contacts stores to make sure you get qualified contacts for the sake of your eyes.
  • ea4ever2end

    Generally speaking, gas permeable lenses are more expensive than other regular lenses. gas permeable lenses’ prices vary from $50 to $250 per lens. In addition, the price of contact lenses may be affected by some factors such as the prescription required by the optometrists and the type of lens. And you should choose them depending on your own needs. Well, the most famous advantage of gas permeable lenses is that they are more durable than soft contacts. For example, a pair of lenses can last for several months or even years while soft contact lenses have to be replaced after a month. Second, they are easy to care for. But on the other hand, if you wear them for the first time, they can feel uncomfortable in the eyes. So you have to adjust to them.
  • Bug

    Compared with the common contact lenses, the gas permeable contact lenses may let your eye feel comfortable when wearing because of the more permeability. They are good. And the average price online is about $60. You could buy from the online store which may save you a lot of money.
  • Jada oliver

    Well, you should understand that gas permeable contacts are different from other kinds of contacts because they are easy to adjust to, and you are enabled to wear them for longer time each day, about 15 hours. Also, they will have less impact on your retinal thus your eyes could be better protected. I think they are quite amazing. If you are going to buy, you just have to get about 200 dollars.

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