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Minaxi Patel

Is eating ants good for eyes?

I heard that there are some ants that are edible and good to our health. Is that true? Will eat ants good for eyes? Any idea?
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  • walkingjaded

    You are right , ants are edible, and they are full of protein .What's more,the protein they got is a top one.But,it's not a good idea for you to eat too much of them to keep your eyes healthy.The reason is that,ants is a kind of febrile medicine,hence,your eyes will full of secretions after you intake so much if them. My suggestion is that put some ants protein powder in your bread and make sure eat that less then 3 times a week . You can buy that powder in the drug store.
  • Matthew baker

    According to the scientific research, eating ants will be good for the health of the body. It is true. Eating ants will improve your immune system. In addition, eating ants will help you improve a lot in the heart disease, cerebral vascular sclerosis, constipation, tuberculosis, hemiplegia, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and so on. And it will be good for the eyes through increasing the blood circulation through whole body. Thus, the eyes will get moisture through the inner materials of the ants which should be a high nutrition.
  • Jonathan griffin

    Yes, eating ants is good for eyes. Ants are full of protein which is the soul of cells. The function of our eyes depends on the energy provided by protein. So if you eat ants, it is good for your eyes and protect your eyes. Moreover, ant contains salivary gland. Eating ants can help people live longer and look younger. It can accelerate the pace of metabolism, make us become stronger and adjust to the new environment more quickly too.

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