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Brandon cook

What are the best sunglasses for small nose bridge?

I have a small nose bridge. What are the best sunglasses for a small nose bridge? Any idea?
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Answers (2)

  • Jeff N

    Well, it seems that you are not very content with your noses. So, there are always a lot of ways to fix this problem. I am afraid I should recommend you round shaped glasses, since in that way, there will be no conflict between your nose and the frame. In the meantime, you might as well try to wear contact lenses which could also improve your eyesight without affecting your looks.
  • Caleb murphy

    You'd better choose the sunglasses with small frame. Or else, the big sunglasses will easily fall down when you wear on your small nose bridge. In addition, you'd better not choose the flat surface one. You may choose the sunglasses with dimensional design which will make you look beautiful at the nose.

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