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Christopher dale

What are the benefits of having green eyes?

Are green eyes better than other colored eyes. What are the benefits of having green eyes?
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  • Jacqueline warren

    When wearing the colored contact lenses, you will look special at the eyes. There are many colors. However, the green eyes will make you look special. And the green color will be outstanding which will arouse other people's attention easily. In addition, matching with the white clothing, the green eyes will look amazing.
  • charmed83

    Green eyes are the rarest color in all colors. So people will think green eyes are more beautiful and charming. They are appealing and very hot. Green eyes can see thing clearer at night and see things at distance compared with other colors. Without these, there is no benefit green eyes brought.
  • handsomestudgw

    Well, as a matter of fact, according to scientific research,there are simply no direct relationship with eye colors and different benefits. Because you should know that the color of our eyes are decided by our genes before our birth. As you can see, blue eyed people also wear glasses and have eye problems, including green eyed people. It is only a matter of genes and races.

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