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How do i get hot sauce out of my eye?

It is very bad to get hot sauce into my eyes. Can you tell me how to get it out of my eyes? Any idea?
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  • Brittany

    Sorry to hear that, as we all know, hot sauce is very spicy and is very irritating to your eyes.It will cause eyedrops and make your eye keeping blinking, which is very uncomfortable.It is very harmful to your eyes, will cause much damages if you don't deal with it immediately and properly. The best way, the first choice is to soak your eyes in cool water. With the infusion of water, the hot sauce can come out with the water and also be thinning. Thus your eyes will get rid of the irritation of the hot sauce and eventually the hot sauce will come out completely. But if your condition is much worse, and your eyes still hurt after doing this, go to see the doctor.
  • marvina

    Well, the first thing you need to do is use abundant clean water with salt to wash your eyes till you feel better. Then, it would be wise for you to get some special eye drops which are able to relieve some symptoms. In the meantime, you should never rub your eyes, no matter how terrible you might feel. However, if it is too terrible, you should get some professional treatment.

    I'm so sorry to hear it, and i'am willing to lend you a hand to extricate from a difficult position. As a matter of fact, almost every type of sauce contains a bit of compound essence which may absolutely make your eyes feel painful while it is splashing into your eyes. The safest and simplest way is crying. No matter what methods you would take, speeding up eyes or watching affecting movies, just crying. And then, the sauce will flowing with your tears. Meanwhile, to make sure your eyes is completely clean, washing them with flowing and clean water. But if you still feel uncomfortable, you'd better see a doctor to prevent infection. Hope they do work for you.

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