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Yaron Cheng


How do i get cigarette ash out of my eye?

It is just a accident that a little cigarette ash get into my eyes. Can you tell me how to get cigarette ash out of my eye safely?
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  • cody88


    Sorry to hear that, it is a matter of fact, there are something urgent you need to do right now, before it is too late. So, follow my directions. First, try to used plenty of mild water with salt to wash them out. Then, if you can see some signs of red eyes, try to buy yourself some eye drops with anti-biotic functions. Afterwards, try to use a hot water soaked towel to put on your eyes. If things are still bad, go to see a doctor.
  • Cameron


    Hello, the cigarette ash in eyes can really hurt a lot and cause watery eyes. But it's lucky that the ash won't damage the eye. And you said you just get a little in your eyes. So my suggestion is that soak your effected eyes into a water bottle, keep blinking your eyes and hold that to throw the ash out. It's easy for a little ash merged into the water and come out.You just make sure its cleaning out in order to make sure you won't get an infection.
  • Anita


    Having their own eliminating function, eyes can exclude ash mainly through the tears. If it has not been ruled out, with some foreign body sensation, I would like to give you a processing method. You find a small glass loaded on physiological saline or cold water. Put your eyes covered in the glass, with eyes blinking in it. In this way, the general foreign body can come out. If it still won't do work, you should go to the hospital.