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Marissa george

Do you know what contact lenses megan fox wears?

Do you know what contact lenses megan fox wears? Where can i find it?
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  • cook

    Wearing the right shape of sunglasses can help enhance your overall look and wearing colored contacts can help improve your eye color. So many people are now wearing stars's styles, such as Harry potter style, Zayn Malik style. I know that Megan Fox wears Ray Ban sunglasses. And as we all known, Megan Fox has brown eyes. But what king of contact lenses does Megan Fox often wear? Actually there are no any information about that because she always wear blue contact lenses, however, she not wears the same brand all the way. I t is true that she wears blue colored contacts lenses which makes her so different.
  • Sybil

    As far as I know, Megan Fox is one of the hottest Hollywood actresses in America. Originally, she has got a pair of sea blue eyes. However, sometimes she would like to make a change and appear more attractive by wearing brown contacts or green contacts. Such colored contacts are quite ordinary. You can easily find such contacts on the Internet or some stores, such as Walmart or MaxMart.

    Almost every famous star wears the colored contact lenses to make their eyes look special and charming. It is the blue contact lenses that megan fox wears. Because her original eye color is a little blue, she looks so natural when she wears the blue contact lenses. She looks beautiful.

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