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Can two blue eyed parents have a green eyed baby?

Is it possible to get a green eyed baby since i and my husband have blue eyes. Or we can only get baby with blue eyes?
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  • Zoe

    It is possible to get a green eyed baby if you and your husband have blue eyes, and you can get baby with brown eyes, in addition to blue eyes. Eye color isn't simply determined by one gene, or by dominant and recessive allele inheritance. Eye color is known as a polygenic trait. So, your child may have different eye color from you.
  • walkwithme21

    Generally speaking, it's nearly impossible to get a green eyed baby for your situation. From the perspective of genetics, blue eye is recessive gene, it means if you have blue eyes, there is no other possible additions but you carry a pair of recessive genes. Hence, your child will totally inherit from you of your blue eyes. Neverthless, nothing is impossible. There is a reason lead to the situation you said, which is the delection of pigment. But it's not a disease symptom which difficult to cure. Therefore, i take that it's pleasure to have a blue eyed and beautiful baby. Thanks for consulting.
  • Myra Taylor

    Well, you need to know that the color of the baby's eyes is largely decided by the types of the genes, which means that the parents' eye color and genes will absolutely give some impacts on the kids' color of their eyes. However, it does not necessarily means that the color will be the same with the parents for sure, since there are always exceptions and it happens from time to time. It is not a big deal I suppose, what matters is the kids' happiness and growth.
  • taylor isaacs

    Hello, I'd like to say that the chances are slim, but I am proud to say I have green eyes and my parents both have blue eyes! It's weird how it works, but it's possible! My mom's mom had green eyes, but everyone else has blue eyes. Just depends on DNA.

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