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Brittany green

Can too much estrogen cause dry eyes?

I heard that too much estrogen can cause dry eyes. Is it true? If so, Can dry eyes help them?
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  • Olavi

    Yes, too much or little estrogen both may cause the dry eyes. As we know, the estrogen has promoted the emergence of secondary sex characteristics which owns the effect of heat. In mammals, it can still make after ovulation by filtering cell into a corpus luteum. In addition, it has the control function of pregnancy lactation. The dry eyes may be caused by the lack of some type of vitamin which should be complemented through the food diet. You should eat more vegetables and other food to moisture the eyes. However, there is the surgery of using the estrogen to get rid of the dry eyes. However, the used amount should be suitable.
  • Andri

    Yep, it could cause that. Estrogen is an important hormone for people, especially it controls a female’s sexual and reproductive development. Human beings can produce it naturally, it also can be taken from outside sources, such as meat and eggs. It can affect almost all organs, such as the heart, the blood vessel, the eye, the brain. However, if you have too much estrogen once, it would cause thyroid disorder to make your eyes dry.
  • Riley gary

    Well, it is true that sometimes too much estrogen could give rise to dry eyes, some scientific research has indicated that the assumption is true to some extent. However, more evidence is still needed to prove its authenticity. Anyway, we need to strike a balance of estrogen intake, excessive estrogen is not healthy and is risky. Dry eyes are very serious so if you get them you need to consult a doctor and get some artificial tears to help.

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