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Nathan harris


Does any one know if aishwarya rai wears contact lenses?

I heard that aishwarya rai wears contact lenses. Is that true? What type of contact lenses does she wear?
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  • emptyheading


    Yes, aushawrya rai wears the contact lenses. It is the brown contact lenses. This color is so charming which makes her eyes look big. She looks more beautiful now since she wears the brown contact lenses. If you have an interest on such type, you could go to the walmart to have a look. The price there is absolutely suitable.
  • ejg29


    Hello, there are some debates about whether Aishwarya Rai wear contact lenses. In my opinion, the answer is no. Her eyes are naturally green or grey. It's true that sometimes she appear with blue or some other colors eyes, which are real due to the fenetrating effect. That's to say, some lights shine on her eyes, so her eyes spaukle. That's why you can see her eyes with different colors in the film or some other screen due to the quality of the light shining in her face.
  • John


    Well, as far as I know, aishwarya rai is one of the most beautiful Indian actresses. She is quite pretty in my opinion. So, since she is an Indian, she is supposed to have black eyes. However, sometimes she appears to be having blue eyes. So, she wears blue contact lenses. What she wears is the same with what we ordinary people wear, no difference at all, maybe some expensive brands.