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Does jared leto wear contact lenses?

Jared Leto looks handsome. Does he wear contact lenses? What type of contact lenses does he wear?
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  • Michelle leonard


    Well, first, you should know that Jared Leto doesn't wear contacts at all. And Jared Leto is born in America, and has been the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars. So it makes him famous in the world and also has many fans. According to some fans, they thought the singer has a glass eye. But it is just a rumor. And you can just have some more information about him on his blog.
  • Stephanie


    Yes of course, I myself find him quite a handsome guy. He is famous for his great music and good acting skills in America actually. So, as far as I know, he has got a pair of blue colored eyes ever from his birth, and he does not need to wear contacts for he has great vision. To be honest, these stars do not wear specially made contact lenses, what they choose are the same with our preferences. You can choose from a lot of options from Walmart.
  • Alexander


    Yes, Jared Leto wears the contact lenses. Jared Leto has the original grey eyes which are so beautiful. And Jared Leto wears the blue contact lenses to add the charming feeling. The blue contact lenses are so beautiful that attract a lot of people. If you want to buy one, you could go to the online store to have a search.