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Sara nelson

Is it really bad for babies to watch tv?

Is it OK to allow my baby to watch TV? Or the TV screen will hurt her eyes?
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  • Nicholas

    What, you gotta be kidding me? A baby, watching TV shows? It is really ridiculous, because for a baby, what they need is some joyful activities with parents and other kids, also with nature and beautiful things. I mean, for the time being, it is not good for his eyes which are fragile. So, I recommend that the baby stop watching TV. And the baby needs intensive care and attention.
  • Dan Samberg

    No, it is not OK to allow the baby to watch tv which will hurt the baby's eyes. The screen will emit the strong light which will hurt the baby's vision. You should not let the baby stare at the screen for a long time. If the baby watches TV for a long time, the visual nerves will be weak and the corneal will be hurt.
  • Benson Dubois

    You'd better not allow your baby watch TV because it will hurt her eyes. The visual regulation function of the baby is not perfect, so the vision is difficult to regulate and adapt itself under the stimulation of the blaze. However, the baby prefers those programs with frequent flickering screen and strong color stimulation. And the development of the regulation systems of refraction and position of eye has not been perfect yet, watching TV does harm to their vision. In addition, if the baby watches TV for a long time, she will get eye fatigue, under such circumstances, she will tilt her head unwittingly to see the screen clearly and it will lead to strabismus. The electromagnetic wave of TV radiation is also bad for the baby's health when watching TV, so I advise you not to allow your baby to watch TV.

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