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Does walmart sells foster grant reading glasses?

Does anyone know if walmart provides foster grant reading glasses? If they have, are they expensive?
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  • Mike


    Well, as far as I know, Foster Grant is the largest brand for sunglasses in the United States of America, it has been renowned for their nice design and good prices. Since they are a good brand, which has a long history of making sunglasses, the prices for their products could be slightly high, I mean, a pair of them would be about 200 dollars or above. And of course, you can find their outlets at Walmart.
  • Hunter


    Yes, walmart provides foster grant reading glasses. With distortion-free and optical quality, it is thin scratch resistant lenses. in addition, the style of it caters to the fashion forward and trendy. They are not so expensive, about $11. You can browse the following website, here is the link:
  • Susan Wright


    Walmart sold the foster grant reading glasses before which are not very expensive. You could go to its online store to have a look to see whether there is the type of glasses now. If not, you could also go to the amazon to have a look. There are more types of good. You may find such one.

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