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Christian scott

Is it ok to switch contact lens brands ?

I have worn contact lenses for about 1 years. Is it OK if i switch the contact lenses brands right now? IS it bad for my eyes?
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Answers (3)

  • Brittany green

    Well, it seems that you have got a great reliance on contact lenses. Despite the fact that they could provide you with good visual aids and great convenience and perhaps good looks. So, it would be absolutely ok if you want to change a brand of contacts, it is simply ok. However, if you wear contacts for much too long, there would be some side effects. So, you should get some frame glasses as a substitute.
  • Vanessa george

    Contact lenses are very contributive to the improvement of appearance and convenience. But it brings about many negative effects to eyes when you are wearing contact lenses. You should go to a professional doctor for a general examination, a appropriate prescription and supervision. Ask the doctor what kind or brand contact lenses you can wear. You should take notice of daily care of your contact lenses. Don't wear too long, or else it would cause dry eye or infection. You should wear glasses when you are getting a cold.
  • Caitlin

    Yes, it is ok for you to switch the brands of the contact lenses. And the formal type of contact lenses should not be used because you have worn for about a year. Changing the new type of contact lenses will make your eyes feel comfortable. You should choose the one with thin character which will make you feel comfortable.

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