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Sue Livingston

Can oil of oregano help eye infection?

I got eye infection. Can oil of oregano help my eye infection? Can you explain it to me?
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  • Matthew baker

    Well, as a matter of fact , oil of oregano is a very good stuff enriched in a lot of vitamins and nutritions which could be helpful for your eyes and health. However, you should know that by applying oil of oregano around your eyes, your eye infection could not be cured because oil of oregano is of hygene purpose, not clinical purpose. So, I suggest that you get some timely and effective treatment before it is too late.

    Well, generally speaking, oil of oregano can not help your eye infection. As we know that infections commonly occur in the tissues that cover the white front surface of your eye. And at that moment, we call an infection as conjunctivitis. Of course, it may occur from viral infections like the common cold, but on the other hand, bacteria and fungi may also cause eye infections too. You may think oregano oil can do a good job to the eye infection, because it helps treat conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. But, you also should know that even if they have some potential health benefits, oregano oil has no direct link as a treatment for an eye infection. Anyway, for eye infection, the first thing you should do is to find out the causes of your infection.
  • Alexa murphy

    As a matter of fact, the oil of oregano have a using of relieving itching, desinfecting as well as antibiosis, thus, it can help your eye infection more or less. But as far as i am concerned, i don't suggest you use it. Almost every type of oil contains a bit of compound essence which may absolutely make your eyes feel painful while use it. In addition, the eye infection is absolutely because of contacting with bacteria, hence the best way to avoid reinfection is keep eyes clean rather than drop into something else. The advice for you is keeping your hands from rubbing your eyes and make sure they are clean. If the symptom still exists a few days later, you'd better apply to the doctor for assistance.
  • Barbara Mellon

    Yes, the oil of oregano will help your eyes infection. The inner material of the oil of oregano will keep the eyes get moisture which will get rid of the dryness. The eye infection will be released to some degree by using the oil of oregano. You could take care of the eye infection and cure it seriously in order not to get other eyes problems.

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