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Do girls like green eyes on guy?

Do you like guys with green eyes? Why or why not?
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    Well, I think it's great. Actually green eyes are especially rare. They posses low to moderate amounts of melanin(which is what makes brown eyes brown) and probably represent the interaction of multiple mutations in the OCA2 gene and others. Recently the Mendelian recessive trait has been disproven. Green eyes are always full of mysterious and amazing. You can see such colord eyes in many movies and Tv play series, such as The Vampire Diaries and The Breaking Dawn. Brad Pitt also worn green colored contac lenses in his movie,Interview With A Vampire. How amazing he is! After this movie, Brad Pitt began to become an international superstar. So at least I like green eyes on guys. By the way, I am a girl.
  • evelyn

    In my own opinion, I like the guys with green eyes which will look so fashionable and cool. Many male stars wear such color of contact lenses to show the attractive character. They will look so cool when they match with the fashionable clothes and other accessories. Many girls like such type now.
  • Zoe may

    Well, it looks like you are a girl who want to delight guys around you .So, to be honest, your question is quite subjective, because different people would give different answers to your question. Anyway, I personally like brown eyed girls for they tend to be more sexy and attractive than blue eyes blondes. So, if you want to make your eyes appear more charming, you might as well have a look at Alibaba, where a lot of contacts gather.

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