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Can i buy new eyeglasses just by giving my current lenses for them to copy?

I have lost my prescription the doctor gave to me, and now i need get new glasses. Can i buy new eyeglasses just by giving my current lenses for them to copy?
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  • Benjamin gary

    Of course you can. But you should go to a big chain store at the mall, like Pearlevision or Lenscrafters. The staff there will use a special machine called a refractometer to read prescription off your current lenses and then make you a copy. Then you can get your new eyeglasses according to the prescription of your current lenses.
  • Michelle

    Maybe. Some of the small glasses stores are unable to copy the prescription from your current lenses. You may take your current lenses to some big chain stores where they will use special machine to read the prescription from your current lenses and then they will have your new glasses made according to the prescription. If you can't find a big chain store in your local place, you's better have an eye exam again at any optical store to get your prescription.
  • Paige williams

    If you have used this pair of glasses for more than two years, and never have your eyesight checked during these two years, I think you'd better have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor before buying a pair of glasses of the same prescription. Usually our eyesight drops slowly as we age. To those people who do not protect their eyesight in daily lives, they may get stronger degrees as time passes by.
  • Gary Williams

    first off, let me state that I've been using the same prescription now for at least 30 years. I take my old glasses in to the eyeglass store, and tell them I want that prescription again. and they do it. they try to get me to take an eye exam, but I always politely refuse, and tell them I can see really good with the glasses I have now- and don't want to change it. if you keep the prescription on your glasses the same, your eyes won't get worse !! that is the dirty little secret that the optometrist doesn't tell you. the next one is this- when you read and do close work, and you are nearsighted- TAKE YOUR GLASSES OFF. making your eyes adjust to read with glasses on designed to see far, is really torturing your eye muscles- and that's why nearsighted eyes keep getting worse with time. if you stick at one prescription it will just stay there. yes they can read the prescription off the glasses with a machine. and I know for a fact, about 20 years ago, an optometrist read my prescription from the edge of the lenses themselves. I guess some places would actually mark the lens with tiny numbers of the actual prescription. only spend the money and time for an eye examination, when you actually are having problems with vision, or pain, etc. if your vision was normal would you get it checked every year ? if you can see clearly and read road signs, etc. while driving, then you're seeing just fine. people spend billions/yearly on eye exams they don't need.
  • copyofme

    I don't know why do you buy a pair of new glasses which have the same degrees as your old glasses have? Why not just use your old glasses? If there are some scratches on your lenses, you can use some cleaner to remove the scratches. If you just broke the frame, you can buy a pair of same frame to store your lenses. Some optical shops can have your lenses measured by some kind of machines but some can't. So you'd better take your glasses to the optical shops. Hope this helped!
  • walkingalone00

    I think you'd better have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor before buying a pair of new glasses. Usually children should have their eyesight checked every year. Adults can have their eyesight checked every two years. As to senior citizens, they should have their eyes checked annually to prevent some potential eye diseases from happening. Or we can have our eyes checked when we feel discomfort in our eyes or suffer from blurred vision. If our old glasses can't provide us with sharp vision, we may suffer from eye strains. We need to have a new prescription and buy a pair of new glasses under the guidance of the new prescription. Hope this helped!

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