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Eric quick

Can I get pink eye from sharing mascara?

Can sharing mascara cause pink eyes? How?
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  • Judy

    Well, generally speaking, of course you can get pink eye by sharing mascara with others. And according to some researches, most of pink eyes are caused by infection from bacteria. Even the allergies around you can be the cause. When you share mascara with someone else, it can be dangerous for your eyes to be infected. The mascara is applied directly in your eyes, so it can carry some bacteria to your eyes from other people. And then your eyes are infected by some irritants. Finally, your eyes will be red, even bloodshot, and it is possible to have pink eyes. So just do not share mascara with others. It is very dangerous.
  • Jordyn

    Yes, sharing mascara may cause pink eyes. The pink eye caused by bacteria or virus types are spread by contacts with infected person. For example, an infected person touches their eye and then touches a book, it can be spread when others share the same book that has touched their eye. So, you may infected through sharing mascara with the person who has pink eye.
  • Alexa joyce

    There is the great possibility for you to get the pink eyes because of the sharing of the mascara. If the mascara is used by the person who has the pink eyes, you will absolutely get the pink eyes easily through the contagious infection. You should not share the personal things with other persons. In addition, you'd better clean the brush of the makeup often which could also bring the bacterium.

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