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Ghassan S.


Does baby oil help with dark circles under eyes ?

Can i use baby oil to help me reduce my dark circles under eyes? Does it work?
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  • Michelle


    Well, so sorry to hear that you have got some dark circles, in my point of view, they could greatly affect your personal image in public. So, as to the baby oil, I should say , it depends, because as you know, the recovery of dark circles consists of several factors, you cannot rely on baby oil given that the oil comprises vitamin A and B, which could help relieve those dark circles. Of course it works, at least to some extent. But you need to take care of your eyes by other means.
  • Catherine williams


    There seems a such saying that baby oil could help reduce dark circles because it contains vitamin E. It is easy to reduce dark circles. Dark circles and bags are usually caused by poor sleeping. Good sleeping could help reduce the dark circles to a great extent. Some said putting cucumber slice on eyes could help reduce it too. If you want to use baby oil, you could try a mixture of honey, milk, egg white and baby oil. Hope this could help you.
  • commentsforme


    Well, yes, baby oil can be helpful for the dark circles under your eyes. so you can just apply some baby oil under your eyes, and do this for several times. I think it can be effective, for baby oil is rich in many nutrients which can do a good job to the dark circles under your eyes. Also, dark circles can be caused by the stress and lack of sleep, even the unhealthy diet. So you should have to relaxing, good life styles. By the way, fish oil, black seed oil can be good for the dark circles too.