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When can i drive after a corneal transplant?

I just took a corneal transplant. Can i drive now? Or when can i drive? Any suggestion?
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  • Gabriella


    The doctor may tell you that you can do everything as usual in your daily life after corneal transplant, but I suggest you do not drive during the six month after corneal transplant. Even though you're restored vision after corneal transplant only for several days, which doesn't means that you're completely heal. Any injury of your eyes may cause permanent damage, so, just be careful.
  • b3autyqu33nof17


    Well, first you should know that you are not supposed to drive in the first two weeks after you have the corneal transparent surgery. By having the corneal transparent, your eyes will be clear and transparent. But it will take some time for your eyes to recover. If you have driving, your eyes have to be focused on the point in a long time, and that will lead to eye strain, and lead to some other eye diseases, such as sore eyes or dry eyes. Also, it can hurt your eyes and lead to pain in your eyes. In that way, it will slow down the recovery of your eyes. So just have a good rest so that it will be good for your eyes. Also, just follow some tips the doctor has told you.