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Can a headache cause dilated pupils?

Is it possible to cause dilated pupils because of headache? How could that happen?
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  • colors8282


    I totally understand your concern over your eye health. And it is true that dilated pupils could be resulted from various reasons. However, according to a lot of clinical cases, headache would not lead to dilated eyes, because headache is just a symptom of a specific problem with health. And dilated eyes might not be generated by headache. Maybe you should try to see a doctor if your eyes are frequently dilated. There might be some health hazards.
  • Samuel


    Well, of course, the headache can lead to dilated pupils. First, you should know that high pressure can cause dilated pupils. So when you have headache, it will increase your blood pressure, and then you will get high blood pressure. Finally, it can affect your eyes, and turn to dilated pupils. So just try some ways to heal your headache symptom. Also, anxiety, drug use, illness, and trauma are also the factors which will cause this disease. When the pupils, the black part of the eye are bigger than normal, we will see dilated pupils look like a big black circle, at that moment, you may get dilated pupils.
  • garcia


    Yes, the headache will cause the dilated pupils. As we know, the eyes will get dilated because of the surprise, shock or other reaction. However, these symptoms may disappear naturally. However, when you have the headache, you may feel uncomfortable at the eyes. The high pressure at the eyes may cause the dilated pupils. Or the infected eyes may get the dilated symptom, too.