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How to make my eyes look bigger like anime?

I want to make my eyes look bigger and rounder like anime girls. Can you tell me how to makeup my self?
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  • jimjames

    Well,it seems that you would like to bigger your eyes like what the girls in anime. Anyway, that is quite achievable right now because this is a time of change and innovation. If you wanna do this, I recommend some ways to you, first up, you should get some cosmetics to help you, such as eyeliner, eyelash extension, stuff like that. Then, perhaps you need a pair of beautiful contact lenses to make eyes more attractive. Good luck.
  • Catherine

    If you want to make your eyes look bigger like anime, you could do the smoky makeup eyes which will show your charming big eyes. Or else, you could just wear the colored contact lenses to make your eyes look foreign and big. There are many colored contact lenses. You could buy one from the online store with good reputation.

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