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Riley eddy

Where to buy contact lenses for people over 40?

I usually wear reading glasses. But sometimes, wearing eyeglasses is boring. Can i get contact lenses? Where to buy?
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  • crazy_durr

    Yes, you can have a try on using contact lenses. You could go to many online stores to buy one. The good one with good reputation is Walmart. You could go to there and buy one because of suitable price. However, you should not wear it often because people over 40 will be easily lack of water in the eyes. You should take care of the hygiene problem seriously.
  • Brittany green

    Well, it seems that you would like to wear contact lenses in order to make a change. Yes, indeed, those contact lenses could bring great convenience to us, despite their slight side effects. Anyway, as far as I know, men over 40 could wear almost all types of contacts, and it is ok. So, here I would like to recommend Walmart vision center to you, or you should have a look at Lenscrafters, also a nice place.
  • Alexa joyce

    Yeah, I think what you said is totally right, because I am also a glasses wearer and two years ago, I also found wearing glasses is boring, so I start to wear contacts lenses. Yeah, if you are first time to wear contacts, I think you had better go to some professional place to buy them because the prostate will tell you some advice about how to take care of your eyes and lenses during wearing contacts. As far as example, the place I bought first time is Wal-Mart, at that time, I got many suggestions about the contacts lenses. As we all know, we can get all kinds of eyeglasses and contacts in Wal-Mart. In addition, as a friend, I think you should buy the contacts with high quality even though the price is a little higher. In a world, as a friend, I think WAL-Mart is really a good place for you to get your wanted contacts lenses.

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