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How long does it take for a vitreous hemorrhage to clear?

Is there anyone who can tell me how long does it take to cure vitreous hemorrhage?
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    Well, it must be really hard for you to endure that much pains and aches. So, as you can see, vitreous hemorrhage is one of the most complicated eye problems we might have. And it could lead to some simultaneous problems with eyes. However, if you really can get some timely and effective treatment and a positive approach to healing it, you could be recovered before long. Maybe 3 or 5 months could be enough.
  • Victor


    Well, in common, for vitreous hemorrhage, it can disappear in one week. So you do not need to be worried about it. To cure it, there are some ways you can have a try. First, cool teabags can be very good for the disease, so you can just put some cool teabags on your eyes, and then have a good rest. Just repeat it in a long term. By the way, they can be related to high blood pressure. So you need just be careful about your blood pressure, and controlling your emotion can be essential.
  • catchingthought


    If you have the vitreous hemorrhage, you will have to go through the surgery to treat it. After the surgery, you may need one month for the basic recovery. However, you need to take the eye exam every day at the beginning after the surgery. Then you could do the eye exam once a month. Vitreous hemorrhage is extremely common vitreous lesions. It can be caused by all sorts of reasons, such as adjacent tissue lesions or trauma surgery. The blood into the vitreous will not only make vitreous hemorrhage refractive interstitial cloudy but also affect light arrived in the retina and decrease the visual acuity. For a long time, the bleeding absorption will cause the vitreous degeneration and fertile lesions such as a large number of vitreous hemorrhage. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose reasons. Only after doing the surgery can the doctors know the exact reason.