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What are benefits of semi-rimless glasses?

My father recommended me semi-rimless glasses. I wonder if semi-rimless glasses are better than other eyeglasses. What are benefits of semi-rimless glasses?
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Answers (3)

  • cowboyfrom666

    Well, it seems that you are quite interested in semi-rimless glasses. So, yes of course it has got some benefits and I myself have got a pair of those glasses and I find them very useful. As you can see, those glasses have got only half rims, which could reduce the weight of the glasses, making them more comfortable, also, your vision could be improved since there are less visual obstacles in front of you. Hope you find them useful.
  • california_babi

    Semi-rimless glasses is a popular style among all aging groups. Semi-rimless eyeglass are lighter than full-rim eyeglasses, which can reduce burden to nose. With its good quality, subtlety, finesse and style, semi-rimless glasses do a different in compromising between rimless and full-rim spectacles.
  • Jada shelley

    Hello, there are some benefits of semi-rimless glasses. First, it is very fashionable because of its special style. Semi rimless frames are lighter than full-rim eyeglasses, so it can reduce burden to nose. What's more, there is a feeling of maturity with semi-rimless glasses. Also much more comfortable and durable.

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