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Where to find big black glasses like mike hranica's?

Have you seen the big black glasses that mike hranica wears? Where can i find a similar one? Are they expensive?

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  • classiccarguy89

    Well, as a matter of fact, mike hranica is a famous singer in Americam and he would like to wear glasses on a regular basis in public so as to appear better looks. Anyway, his big black glasses have been very popular in the world and among youngsters. You could get a similar pair at many places, such as Amazon or Alibaba, where the prices are absolutely acceptable and reasonable.
  • Alexia gerard

    Yes, I have seen the big black glasses that mike hranica's wear in some magazines. Prada sunglasses are available in different styles and sizes. These sunglasses can suit different face structures. Besides, these sunglasses look extremely stylish and are designed to match every outfit. You can find it from the following website, but it is a little expensive.!/en/US/woman/sunglasses/fashion/SPR17O_E1AB_F00A7
  • cant_let_him_go

    Black has been the most popular color for many years, so the black frames are becoming more and more popular around the world gradually. I recommend you firmoo. On this site, you can find unisex acetate full-rim frames. I made a deep search on this site and found all these items' prices around $8.00--$40.00. The prices are really reasonable and its service is also quite good. Well, firmoo offers every new customer a free pair of glasses.

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