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Christina nelson

Are sleep masks bad for my eyes?

Is it bad for eyes if i often wear masks when i sleep? What affects will bring to me by wearing masks?
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  • Sara nelson

    Well, it seems that you want to wear sleep masks in order to improve your sleep quality. So, generally speaking, it is true that they would make you sleep sounder and better, however, there are also some side effects as well. Because sometimes we tie the sleep masks too tight, which could generate pressure on our eyes, leading to blurry vision or eye problems. So, we need to make it loose, if possible try not to wear them, you could draw the curtain before sleep.
  • Justin fergus

    Generally speaking, it is bad for eyes when you often wear masks during the sleep because of the permeability. Some people may think wearing masks can get a good sleep. Actually your eyeballs are still moving when you close your eyes. The mask will prevent the air permeability for the eyes. At the same time, it will not be good for the skin of the eyes. If you get the eyes infection already, the use of mask will make it get serious.
  • Jonathan griffin

    No matter you wearing masks when you sleep or not, you would better not apply mask to covering your eyes or eyes sockets. You know the skin around your eyes is very subtle and easy to broken. Only professional eye cream will protect them. Moreover, the oil scream will cause the fat granules in your eyes sockets. Furthermore, the skin of eyes need to breath, the mask will block the breath of your skin, it will lack oxygen for the blood circulation, the black eyes will formed in a long time. Keep your eyes from the mask; there will be nothing bad happen at all!
  • Vivian

    It depends. The best benefit of a sleep mask is that it blocks out almost all of the light to let your body get more relaxing sleep. Having a sleep mask that blocks out the light in your sleeping area will help you sleep better, especially if you work the graveyard shift and do most of your sleeping during the day. However, some sleep masks have less than desirable designs. They can press on the eyelashes, which is very uncomfortable. The alternatives to this are to either buy a more expensive sleep mask that has a better design or stop wearing a sleep mask altogether. Hope this helpful.

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