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How to clean extended wear contact lenses?

Is there anyone who has experience of wearing extended wear contact lenses? Can you tell me how to clean extended wear contact lenses properly?
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  • Jean


    From what I know, they are quite convenient for us to wear because we could be able to wear them without taking them off soon and disinfecting them every day, which is of great convenience to our life. However, some people, especially those with dry eyes or other eye problems, should not get those extended wear contact lenses. In a word,you have to consult a doctor before making up your mind.
  • b1t3_m3_8748


    Just like the common contact lenses, you should use the professional contact lenses solution to soap the extended contact lenses. You could also use the solution to clean your extended contact lenses at the hand palm. Then you put them in the solution and wait for some time. You should take the habit of hygiene which will promise your safety of wearing the contact lenses.