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Can clear eyes be used as contact solution?

I just run out of my contact solution. But i want to clean my contact lenses. So, can i take clear eyes as contact solution?
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Answers (2)

  • CeCe Bazel

    No, you'd better not use the clear eyes to be regarded as the contact solution. The contact solution is mainly regarded to get rid of the protein on the surface of the contact lenses. However the clear eyes will make your eyes keep moisture because of the special materials. You could not use the clear eyes to be as the contact solution which may not clear the contact lenses.
  • Danielle may

    Ok, it seems that you have a short supply of contacts solution, which helps to clean and keep our contact lenses. Anyway, contact lenses are quite fragile and easy to be contaminated by something dirty, so you'd better not try something risky, that might lead to some eye problems to you. Here I recommend normal saline, which could be your substitute for contact solution for a short time.

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