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How to clean 2 weekly contact lenses?

I just bought a pair of contact lenses yesterday. And i was told that the contact lenses can be used for about 2 week. And i need to clean it every day. Can you tell me how to clean it properly?

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  • clarinetbandguy

    As to your two-week contact lenses, you should wash them every time before and after you wear them. Care solution is necessary, but not enough. Wash your hands thoroughly with mild liquid soap first, instead of moisturizing soap. You should put your lens on your palm, soaking in solution, and rub the lens softly and tenderly with your finger tip. Be careful not to touch the lenses with your nails. Rubbing the lens is a must step. No matter what the advertisement claimed the function of the care solution. Rubbing could help remove the protein building up in eyes on the lens. After washing the lenses with solution, put it into lenses case with 70% full of fresh solution. I suggest you to start wearing or taking off your contact lenses from the same side. I always start to wear or take off lenses from my right eye, so that I won't get confused and wear the wrong lens. If you happen to stop wearing the lenses, you still need to replace the solution in lens case ever week to avoid contamination. Beside, once you opened the care solution, you should remember the date you opened it. Any solution can’t be used after three month since it was opened. Hope you enjoy wearing the contact lenses.
  • Ariana oliver

    You just wash your hands clearly. Then you take out the contact lenses from your eyes and put them on the palm. Then you put the solution a little amount on the palm too. You use your finger to clean the contact lenses with gentle movement. Then you put the contact lenses into the solution and close the box. That will be easy for you to do it every day.
  • Joan

    Well, it seems that your choice of contact lenses is quite smart because contact lenses with short duration period tends to be healthier to your eyes. However, you also have to keep them clean on a daily basis. The tips for you is quite simply, you just need to take them off after use each day, just wash them with solution and then refill the contacts case with solution, and wash your case with hot water from time to time. Just try to take care of your eyes.

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