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Jose joyce


Is collagen good for under eyes?

I heard that collagen is good to beautify the skin under eyes. Is it true? Why?
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  • colddaz


    Ok, it seems that have got something wrong with your eye skin, which might give you some trouble, because eye lines or eye bags are really annoying for women. Anyway, as you can see, collagen is one of the most useful essentials for eye skin because it contains a lot of nutritions and vitamins, which might fix your impaired skin and make them fresh again. Now collagen has been used to making facial masks and eye cream, you should try some of it.
  • Otis Crockett


    Yes, it is true that collagen is good to beautify the skin under eyes. Collagen is a structural protein that makes up 80 percent of our skin. As we get older, the skin's surface will be drier and drier, and the collagen under the skin will be hardened. So the injections of make your skin look younger, rejuvenated and fresh.
  • Jerry


    Yes, the collagen is good to beautify the skin under eyes. It is true. The collagen contains a lot of protein and nutrition which could make your eyes absorb the nutrition and make the skin become smooth. At the same time, your skin under eyes will become tight which will reduce the wrinkles around the eyes. You could use it to make the skin under eyes become good.