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Is it normal to have blurred vision in one eye after concussion?

After a concussion. I noticed that one of my eyes got blurred vision. Is this normal? Or it just means i get some eye damages from the concussion?
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  • Nathan harris

    Well, yes, it is possible to have blurred vision in your eyes, after you have got concussion. Generally speaking, if you have a concussion, your brain function is temporarily affected, at times causing some changes in your eyes too. For example, it can just lead to blurred vision in some degree. So in other words, we can say that a concussion can cause blurred vision, because of the disorder occurring in your eyes. For your situation, you need to have some eye exam, so that it can just decide what you get.
  • Kaylee peters

    OK, from what you said, I can see that there is something wrong with your head, it is true that head concussion would give rise to a lot of consequences, including eye problems. As you can see, it is quite normal, for head concussion could damage your visual nerves and your eyeballs, that depends on the seriousness of the accident. Anyway, if you find yourself have blurry vision, and it does not go away, probably you need to examine your head and your eyes. Remember, physical damage also could leave permanent impact on your eyes.
  • Jacob adams

    It is normal for you to get the blurred vision in one eye after a concussion because of the side effects after the concussion. Your eyes may get damaged. You'd better go to check the eyes carefully. You could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture the eyes and release the blurred vision. You could also use the warm compress.

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