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How to make wearing contact lenses more comfortable?

Sometimes my eyes feel itchy when i wear contact lenses. Can you tell me how to make wearing contact lenses more comfortable? Any idea?
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  • Alexa

    If your eyes are healthy with no eye problems, you will not feel itchy when wearing the contact lenses. It may means that you have the eyes infection. You should use some eye drops with anti-inflammation which will make your eyes feel comfortable. You could also use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. Then you wear the contact lenses and feel the comfort.
  • b3mine_x3

    Hello, first your lenses are okay, and then it may be the reason that you do not get used to the lenses, so just you need some time to get used to them and you will feel much more comfortable. If you still feel itchy, you may have to change to lenses and make sure your lenses are properly fitted and make good cleaning. What's more, drink more water to make your eyes moister and stay out of areas with a lot of smoke or pollutants in the air, pay attention to any allergies you may have, if you have, take off lenses and have a rest for your eyes.
  • Beth

    Well, looks like there is something wrong with your use of contact lenses. From my personal experience, it might be resulted from trachoma, or improper use of contact lenses. It would of course be uncomfortable with trachoma, which is an eye infection. My suggestion is that you should make sure your eyes are healthy and the type of contact lenses are suitable for you, also, try to follow the instructions of the usage.

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