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David garcia

What are glasses that darken in the sun

I heard that there is a type of glasses that can darken in the sun and clear in the room. Can you tell me what are the glasses?
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  • Bug

    Well, yes, there are some glasses which can change with light. And we can say that glasses with photochromic lenses can achieve this kind of function. Generally speaking, when stuck with prescription eyeglasses, the bright sunlight is hard on the eyes. By using them, they will darken when exposed to uv rays and turn clear when not. And when the wearer enters the sunlight, the silver chlorides experience a chemical reaction that causes them to change shape. And their new shape absorbs all light, darkening the lenses. When the wearer goes back into an area without light, the molecule snap back to their original shape and no longer absorb light. So they are popular with many people. So you can just buy them and have a try.
  • Downeast

    It is the photochromic glasses (some people also called it transition glasses) that can change the color between the indoors and outdoors. When you are outside, your lenses will be dark which could prevent your eyes from the strong sun lights. When you are indoors, your lenses will get clear. If you have such need and favor, you could choose such type of the glass.

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