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Do girls like guys with blue eyes?

Do you think blue eyes is very cool? Do your eyes like guys with blue eyes?
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  • Thomas keith

    Personally speaking, I think blue eyes are very cool. I think blue eyes can give me the sense of clearness and pureness. Looking deep into them, I feel quiet and sometimes the blue eyes bring me into fantasy. In addition, some with blue eyes seem to have the melancholy temperament like princess with depression.
  • Kaylee tuener

    Yes, the blue eyes are cool which are so attractive and charming. There are a lot of stars with blue eyes. And some fans start to wear the contact lenses with blue color which will make their eyes look big and charming. In addition, they will look so attractive. Many girls like the guys with blue eyes.
  • James

    Ok, congratulations that you have got a pair of blue eyes. As a matter of fact, a guy with a pair of blue eyes could be very charming if his hair if golden, that is just very christian. But the answer might be various . Anyway, try to pay attention to your masculine and muscles, which could be more attractive, most importantly, you need to be a good man with prospect ahead of you. And learn to be gentle and humorous.

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