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How to make contact lenses feel better ?

This is the first time i try contact lenses. Sometimes, but the contact lenses always give me a foreign feeling. Can you give me some suggestion?
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  • ct_exposed

    Actually wearing contact lenses will not give you any feeling if your eyes are healthy. This is your first time to wear the contact lenses. That is why you have such foreign feeling. You should get rid of the thought that you wear the contact lenses. You could use some eye drops to moisture the eyes which will make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Dan Samberg

    There are lots of reasons for this problem, such as discharges, infections, or unfitness of your contact lenses. The first step for you is to figure out what's the main reason of your discomfort. And you need to follow your prescribed wearing schedule to help avoid potential eye infections. Then if your contact lenses are not suitable for you, you need to ask your doctor for help, and then he would choose the right one for you.
  • Lainey

    Hello, first, keep good state of psychology, it is not freak to wear contact lenses, soo give up your foreign feeling. Second, you must choose the right lenses that fit you well, you may need some time to do this. Last, keep good habit. Do not wear them for a long time once and keep your contact lenses clean.

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