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Michelle percy

Do guys like girls with green eyes?

I have green eyes. But i noticed that most of people like blue eyes. So, do your guys like girls with green eyes?
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  • walkingwolf2004

    Different people have different taste. Some guys like the girls with green eyes because of the attractive character. There are a lot of green contact lenses in the market. That is why a lot of girls try this color to make their eyes look so special and different at the looking. Besides the green contact lenses, there are a lot of other colored contact lenses which could also make the eyes look attractive and charming.
  • Sara scott

    Actually, it is various from person to person. However I suppose most of the man like the girls with blonde, blue or green eyes and golden hairs. Like the songs singing, the golden stars in the hair, the moon dust in the eyes of green. How beautiful it is! A wonderful girl or boy's eyes could speaking with the secret of her/his heart. However, we could not have the choice to pick the color of our skin and eyes. But no matter what kinds of race you are, you must be confidence with your own appearance, the confidence people are the most beautiful one. By the way, if you want to change the color of eyes, you can pick a pair of contacts to make up!
  • Russ

    Different people have different idea over things,so it's hard to answer for sure. But for me,I think the girl with green eyes are cool,glamorous ans charming. Green eyes are really rare and special,the guys with green eyes should be glad to have those eyes. However,if someone does truly don't like green eyes,colorful contact lenses may be helpful. I think that a girl is beautiful because of her confidence but appearance.

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