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Aaron may

What are good home remedies for painful eyes ?

My eyes feel pain and i don't know why. Do you know any good home remedies to help me? Please help.
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  • Mariah ja

    When people are in heightened nervousness, when eyes get infections or eye disease,people's eyes would feel painful. Before you see a doctor,you can do some home remedies. Use a self-made ice bag or hot bag to relieve your eyes. Then take some artificial tears to calm the pain. The last thing you can do by yourself is close your eyes for a while then do the former steps. See a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Beth

    Yes, i konw some home remedies for painful eyes. First, rub your palms for a second and then place on your eyes gently. This can relax your eyes and improve blood circulation. Second, you can soak a ball of cotton into ice water and then place them on eye lids for about half an hour, burning sensation and eye redness will be reduced.
  • Benjamin gary

    Painful eyes are resulted from a lot of reasons, so you need to figure out what led to your painful eyes. Generally, you could try to get some eye drops because your problem maybe an eye strain, then try to get more rest and take breaks for your eyes. Then get some warm compressor on your eyes, which might be helpful.

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