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Are close set eyes ugly?

How do you think about close set eyes? DO you guys think it is ugly?
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  • Sara scott


    My dear friend, do you know, many people ask help from beauty surgery just only for their love of close set eyes! This kind of eyes will be easily to make up with colorful eye shadow and angular in the photos taking. It really not ugly at all! To the opposite, it would be really beautiful if you are skill for the make up! In other hand, will we respect to the creature of our dearest God? Treasure your unique and the individual body of yourself, is not important at all? Love yourself and be confidence! No matter what kind of eyes, you will be charming to all the people around you!
  • Gregory A Meetze


    Ok, I quite understand how you feel and you just want to get rid of those close set eyes. Anyway, it is true that close set eyes could not be good looking and might make you appear to be weird sometimes, but you must be confident as hard as you can. It is only a matter of fact which you must accept, I think they are ok as long as your figure is nice and other parts of your body is good. Try to get a pair of nice glasses if necessary ok?
  • Eugenia W.


    Actually you just think about how do people like you a lot? Some people have close set eyes while other have wide close set eyes. In my opinion, they are just their and some are beautiful and some may are not. But just like yourself and be confident, which is the most important I think.