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Alexia gerard

Why do people wear safety goggles?

Some people wear safety goggles when they work. Why? Does safety goggles really help?
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  • campbell

    Sure, safety goggles have different kinds of functions for people do differnt jobs. In general, they are used to protect your eyes from the outer hazards. Some protential dangers may be very bright light, some dust, flying shards, chemical splashes or smoke. So wear safety goggles can make sure their eyes be safe when they are in those bad working environment.
  • gerard

    Yes, safety goggles do help people who work in chemistry laboratories and those who are engaged in woodworking. As it is known to us, when doing chemistry experiments or sawing trees, particles or chemicals, which damage the eyes, often fly here and there. But safety goggles can enclose and protect the area surrounding the eyes from being stricken by those objects.
  • David

    Wearing the safety goggles when they work is really helpful for eyes. The safety goggles will help eyes from the radiation of the computers which have great damage to eyes. At the same time, office men should drink some tea to moisture the eyes. Even they wear the safety goggles they should not sit in front of the computers for too long time.
  • Rebecca

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    Of course, Goggles will protect your eyes very well. Goggles are often worn when using power tools such as drills or chainsaws to prevent flying particles from damaging the eyes.

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