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Joanne McAlpine

What are good hairstyles that go with nerd glasses?

I have bought a pair of nerd glasses. Can you tell me what are the good hairstyles that should i go with nerd glasses for good look?

Answers (2)

  • crazyfirekiller

    If you like the nerd style, I'd suggest you take pin-straight blunt-cut bangs. That would be so cute and lovely. You'd better not to try on any mature bangs because that would make you look pretty strange. By the way, it's so popular these days that have pin-straight blunt-cut bangs with nerd glasses.
  • Danai P.

    In my opinion, the curled hairstyle could be mostly suitable with nerd glasses to make the whole look seem not that nerd. The nerd glasses are so popular now. More and more people tend to wear the fashionable glasses for the good look. The price of them in the online store may be suitable which you could go to have a look.

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