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Thomas keith


Does ice help itchy eyes?

Can i use ice to reduce the itches of my eyes. If it works. How can use ice to help my eyes?
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  • walkingthepaths


    Yes, you can use ice to reduce the itches of your eyes. The itches of eyes can be caused by the inflammation of eyelids, the swelling and puffiness around your eyes and also red eyes. You can use ice cubes and wrap it in a piece of cotton and dab them on your eyes, which will be very helpful.
  • Paige


    Ice can reduce the discomfort that caused by the itchy eyes. It can't cure itchy eyes. You need to clean your eyes with pure water or physiological saline immediately when your eyes get itchy. Then you'd better use some artificial tears to relieve the discomfort. Always keep your dirty hands away from your eyes.
  • Joseph bell


    Yes, ice will reduce the itches of your eyes. You need to put the ice in the clean bag and then put it to cover on your eyes. You may feel the great comfort after the cover for about ten minutes. Then you could just put the melting ice in the bag in the refrigerator and you could use it the next time. In order to help you with your itchy eyes, you could also use some eyes drops to release it.