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Can oil of oregano work for pink eye?

I heard that the oil of oregano can help people with pink eyes. Does it really work?
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  • charger101

    Yes, oil of oregano can help people with pink eyes. Since it comes from the oregano plant, and it can offer the best medicinal qualities. Especially, oregano oil can be very good for helping link eyes caused by bacteria or fungi, so it could also help conjunctivitis. What's more, the supplement also may have anti-inflammatory properties, which can relief from pink eyes, eyelid swelling and irritation of your eyes.
  • Hunter rose

    Oregano can help people cure different kinds of infections if it's used in its purest form. Oregano essential oil can be used to fight fungus and yeast infections as well as treat allergies, hay fever, cold and flu symptoms. Pink eyes appear when your eyes get infected by bacterium, you can use it as a remedy. The mixture of oregano essential oil with olive oil can help you recover sooner. Drop the mixture oil into your eyes, one drop is enough. Keep your eyes clean is always needed in your recovery session.
  • Caroline bell

    Yes, it can work. Conjunctivitis, the so called pink eye, refers to infections of conjunctiva which is the clear layer. Conjunctivitis might be caused by bacterial, viral or allergic infection. The common symptoms of conjunctivitis include sensitivity to light, redness of eye, dry eye, stinging, eyelids swelling and foreign body sensation. In some cases, the infections could heal up without requirement of any treatment. For example, allergic conjunctivitis, can recover very soon if the patients are get out of touch with the allergens. As to bacterial or viral caused infection, oil of oregano can effectively help people by controlling the infection. It contains some anti-inflammatory agents which can alleviate swelling and irritations. It really works, yet you should consult with your doctor on how to use it and the proper dosage. Direct application to eyes might worsen the problem. There is something much easier and safer than the oil of oregano. You can use some salt water to wash your eyes and as warm compress. Normally warm compress can effectively help pink eye.
  • l benz

    Hunter Rose I hope you have follow your directions. One drop of a mixture of oregano oil with olive oil burned my skin, blinded me and send me to the ER; so it might be helpful in theory, but in reality, don't use it unless you know exactly proportions of the mixture; salt and water sounds much better at this time

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