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Are eye wrinkles hereditary?

Can i possible to get eye wrinkles because of heredity. If so, How can i prevent it?
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  • harris


    There are many reasons causes under-eye wrinkles. The most common reason as we all know is age, while, environment and genetics also can cause under-eye wrinkles. The skin around eyes is more thinner than the other skin. Protect the skin around your eyes from hurt should be the best way prevent wrinkles occur. Such as wear sunglasses when the sunlight is too strong, use eye cream every morning and night to protect it, and do not laugh frequently to avoid the wrinkles occur.
  • Danielle lewis


    Eye wrinkles has something to do heredity, because of the cutaneous gene. You are easily to get eye wrinkles if there are lots of your families have suffered. However, acquired disposition also may be in play. In order to prevent the heredity factor appearing, you may do use more skin care products, such as eye-care cosmetic. Olive oil can be helpful as well. Drop essential oil into humidifier, then turn on it. With the help of humidifier, you can stay in a moist environment, then you won't be such easily to get eye wrinkles.
  • handsomestudgw


    In fact, the eye wrinkles are hereditary according to the professional experts. Because of the factor, some people are naturally blessed with a wrinkles skin. As we all know, this kind of wrinkles is beyond your control, however, this does not mean that you can not do anything as to the hereditary wrinkles. Here I am willing to tell you some ideas that will help you prevent the hereditary wrinkles. First of all, you had better stop smoking or try your best to reduce the timeshare you smoke. You know smoking will cause much wrinkles around your eyes. Secondly, if you are with light skin, you should try your best to stay indoors, or you can go outside with the sun blocking. Thirdly, you can ask the pros to take the treatments for removing fine lines. Last but not the leats, you can ask help from the advanced techniques, such as the injection or plastic surgery. Good luck.