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Is artificial light bad for your eyes?

Is it bad for eyes to look at artificial light? If so, What's the bad effects?
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  • Cathy


    Artificial light is been commonly used in our daily life, and it has great advantages for our life. While, as a coin has two sides, artificial light also can cause damages. Staring at the strong artificial light (light wavelengths >450 nm) can cause eyes thermal injury. So, try your best avoid the light source is pulsed or in near contact with eyes.
  • coppercoconut19


    It is bad for you to stare at artificial light for a long time. By the way, staring at natural light for a long time is also harmful. So, you'd better not to do that. Otherwise, your eyesight will drop rapidly as a consequence. And your eyes will be damaged by the radiation that the artificial light let out. Avoid directly look at it, then wear sunglasses if possible.
  • Juan


    Yes, it is bad for eyes to look at artificial light. If you stare at highly artificial light very carefully and you eyes can be bothered temporarily and even be damaged by such high gloss flash. Because that's really too strong. Specifically, staring at the strong artificial light over light wavelengths 450 nm can cause eyes thermal injury.